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sky; climate or weather

Caelum is a weather app. But it’s also so much more. In a market that looks like its actively trying to make more confusing, gimmicky and adware filled apps, Caelum does something different.

We focus on simplicity, choose speed, and intertwine beauty and functionality into every last button; and we can’t wait for you to experience every last one of them.

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I Features

Meet Caelum. The coolest, most hip weather app there is.

Crazy accurate by design, beautiful beyond reason, and privacy conscious at every turn.

See all the information that matters, front and center. Check current conditions, hourly forecasts extending into the day, weekly forecasts extending into the week, and more, in an instant, with the nitty gritty details just a tap away

All that matters, exactly where you expect. Designed from the ground up for informative structure and intuitive controls, using Caelum feels familiar from the very first time

Going somewhere? Search for any location on the planet with blazing fast autocomplete, and get the same top notch weather forecasts, from the current conditions, to a full fledged day by day breakdown for the week ahead!

Predictions you can trust. Powered by some of the world's best data sources, the forecasts Caelum gives you represent those among the very best possible.

Made to adapt. With countless options for tweaking even the smallest aspects of Caelum, from individual unit selections for every data point to settings for deferred loads, normalisations, caching, a powerful low data mode, and more, Caelum can adapt to any situation.

Built to make you smile. A passion project through and through, every single aspect of Caelum has been polished to perfection, and with new features being added at a blistering rate, the modern, fresh feel never goes away!

II Vision

Made with love, and built to last, Caelum is software written and honed for one singular purpose: providing fast, accurate, and show-stoppingly beautiful weather forecasts.

Most every weather app on the market currently is bloated, untrustworthy, confusing adware with UI that's just as bad.

Caelum, does something different. And it does it well. It doesn't have ugly interfaces, or stupid gimmicks or untrustworthy practices, and most importantly, doesn't just settle for getting the job done. Rather it has two, simple goals it devotes itself to: presenting weather information that's useful, and being an absolute joy to use.

And the best part? It's still just getting started. I already have an entire notebook filled with features, improvements and tweaks already well into development, and my goal with Caelum is not simply for it to be the best weather app out there, but perhaps more importantly, be the best version of itself that it could possibly be.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download Caelum now, give it a spin, and join me on this journey! It's free!

III Engineering

Caelum is built with a combination of industry standard weather APIs, blazing fast, highly optimized code, and an architecture that lends itself to rapid iteration and development cycles, painstakingly setup for one purpose: building features fast, and building them well.

All built on some rock solid foundations, including the awesome Flutter framework, and the great Cloudflare Workers suite.

IV What's next

Caelum's just beginning. I have big plans for it, and I'll share more once they're more fleshed out.

For now though, how about some highlights?

Even more details for hourly and weekly forecasts

The Change Engine, an in-app system which continuously shifts and molds the UI to prioritize only the information most relevant to you, at that particular time, in those particular weather conditions

Multiple data sources

Weather maps

Time Machine: Explore what the weather was on any day extending back years into the past

Astrological information

Pull down to refresh

More customization options

UI refinements

Animation touch-ups

Many, many more smaller things, and a couple large ones as well!

V Contact